Introducing CloudFlare Registrar: Designed for Security, Not the Masses

It’s really great to see companies like CloudFlare invest and innovate in this space. I look forward to seeing what type of uptake this gets from businesses, especially who are at high risk from domain hijacking.

At CloudFlare, we’ve constructed one of the world’s largest networks purpose-built to protect our customers from a wide range of attacks. We’re so good at it that attackers increasingly look for ways to go around us, rather than go through us. One of the biggest risks for

Source: Introducing CloudFlare Registrar: Designed for Security, Not the Masses

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CloudFlare Raises $110m in New Investment

Really enjoyed reading about CloudFlare’s newly raised investment ($110m). They give a very interesting and informative overview on their view of the ‘network edge’ and how this have been shifting over the last few year. It is also one of the given reasons for their massive success! Well done to the CloudFlare Team!

In 2016 alone we will more than double our global presence, increase the size of our network by an order of magnitude, and with that allow millions of new businesses and online publishers to accelerate and secure their online applications and harness the growing power of the Internet economy.

Source: Why we raised $110m from Fidelity, Google, Microsoft, Baidu and Qualcomm

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