Introducing: Ransomware Tracker |

The author and maintainer of the popular website has realeased a new and interesting project tracking and providing guidence for ransomwear type malware.

Its purpose at this stage of development is:


  • Providing an overview on internet infrastructure used by cybercriminals for their Ransomware operations
  • Providing hosting- and internet service providers (ISPs), law enforcement agencies (LEA) and national CERTs/CSIRTs intel on such infrastructure within their constituency
  • Offering blocklists for internet users, enterprises and antivirus vendors and security solution providers
  • Giving internet users and enterprises a brief overview on Ransomware mitigation strategies

I think it’s great that more and more security professionals are developing new tools, sites and research to help mitigate these threats.

Source: Introducing: Ransomware Tracker |

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