Website Hacked Report 2016 – Q1 | Sucuri

Another great insight from Sucuri on the state of CMS based site compromises and what platforms are affected the most.

As this blog runs on WordPress (the most commonly targeted and most popular) it highlights how import it is to stay protected and harden your site against attack. I have posted on this before and produced some guidelines to help secure WordPress based sites.

This report is based on data collected and analyzed by the Sucuri Remediation Group (RG), which includes the Incident Response Team (IRT) and the Malware Research Team (MRT). It analyzes over 11k infected websites and shares statistics associated with:

  • Affected open-source CMS applications

  • Details on the WordPress platform

  • Malware families and their effects

Source: Website Hacked Report 2016 – Q1 | Sucuri

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