Splunk Hackathon for the Big Data Conference 2017

I’m hosting (along with my employer ECS) a Splunk focused Hackathon as part of the Big Data Conference for Cybersecurity next month!

It’s shaping up to be a cool event where attendees will be given a number of challenges in a CTF (Capture the Flag) style over a few hours. We have re-developed our custom Splunk App to have a great selection of security and cloud-focused data sources which should present lots of opportunities to show off some cool data analytics using the Splunk platform!

Then later on in the afternoon, I’ll be presenting a session on ‘Deconstructing the SIEM Platform’ in which I’ll discuss what makes a ‘modern’ SIEM, break out its component parts and discuss the important of frameworks to hold it all together.

Hackathon Registration: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ecs-splunk-hackathon-cyber-academy-international-conference-on-big-data-in-cyber-security-2017-tickets-33455759076

Big Data Conference Registration: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/international-conference-on-big-data-in-cyber-security-2017-tickets-30453302648

Event Blub: 

As part of the Cyber Academy’s International Conference on Big Data in Cyber Security, ECS and Splunk are holding a Hackathon based around the Splunk Platform that will test your skills and logic against other like-minded technologists and in the end the team with the best analytical skills, use cases and dashboards will prevail and take the prize! You will first receive a brief overview of the big data platform (Splunk) and an introduction to starting your data analytics using this powerful software.
This event provides an opportunity to not only demonstrate your technical and analytical know-how using the Splunk technology, but also to win prizes (Amazon Vouchers & Splunk T-Shirts)!
Our Hackathon presents a challenging scenario for attendees to work as part of a team in a fun and relaxed environment.
Even if you don’t have deep technical skills we’ll make sure your team does is well balanced for the challenges.
(Complimentary refreshments will also be available!)

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